Philadelphia (CW Philly) — DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince are an iconic pair, going down in history was one of the best rap duos of all time.
Since being the first to receive the Best Rap Performance Grammy in 1989 for their classic “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” they’ve given the world a dynamic and classic sound, one of the most memorable being “Summertime.” Will Smith and Jeffrey Townes have done a lot for the world of music and hip hop culture.

As time went on, both of their careers blew up, but in two different directions. Unable to keep working on music together, their last collaboration as Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince was in 1998 for “Lovely Daze,” although credit is given to Jazzy on Will’s “Willenium” album from 1999 for multiple songs.

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But the legendary duo has find some time and is back to making music together. This time around they’re experimenting with a different sound. Their most recent collaboration is a full-on EDM track.

Their new song “Get Lit” is an experimental song by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince that you can check out below.

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There hasn’t been any news on if Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff will be releasing this officially or if there’s an album in the works. For now, the two are on a live tour, so at least it’s good to see Will’s return to music include his favorite DJ and longtime friend Jazzy Jeff.