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Since the group split in 2004, my late night girl time never fully recovered. I spent endless nights tossing and turning, dreaming about Manolo Blahniks walking the streets of New York. My unrest continued for a long time. The movies came and went, but it was never the same. A City without Sex just doesn’t feel right. I needed my weekly dose; I had Carrie-fever.

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Recently, we posted a story about some new CW44 pilots. The story I am most excited to see come to life is The Carrie Diaries. As we mentioned before, The Carrie Diaries acts as the prequel to the beloved series Sex and the City. In fact, Carrie will be 16 or 17 in this new series. But who could fill the sparkly Louboutins of Sarah Jessica Parker in this pilot?


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I believe that Carrie Bradshaw wore stilettos and a Gucci dress in the womb, so a 16-year-old Bradshaw must be as fabulous (if not more fabulous) as her successor. The casting crew has been hard at work and I believe they have found their Carrie match. AnnaSophia Robb has been cast as Carrie in the upcoming series. She is known for playing a big, round blueberry in the newest rendition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but she will ditch the blue suit for a Prada dress (or whatever was big in the 80s).

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Robb seems like the perfect fit for the fabulous role. I’m sure we are all excited to have our Carrie back and have some great ‘80s inspired fashion tips.