Save the date, Veronica Mars fans! Executive producer Rob Thomas announced today on Twitter that the Veronica Mars movie will be released in 2014 on Pi Day, better known as March 14th.

Rob Thomas wasn’t the only one who had a pivotal role in making this movie; Veronica Mars fans raised an unprecedented 5.7 million dollars toward this film on Kickstarter. Looks like we’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of Kristen Bell!
The plot will not disappoint. The film takes place ten years after Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) leaves her hometown, when she’s called back home to help former boyfriend Logan (Jason Dohring). He’s been accused of an unspeakable crime: murdering his celebrity girlfriend. Don’t worry, Veronica Mars enthusiasts: the original crew is all back. We’ll get to see Enrico Colantoni as Daddy Mars, Veronica’s best friends Mac and Wallace played by Tina Majorino and Percy Daggs III, and Veronica’s fling Chris Lowell, who plays Piz.
We can’t wait to see what this private investigator will do in her upcoming movie—we’ve already cleared a spot on our Kristen Bell DVD shelf!