It’s been an exciting couple of months for Veronica Mars fans, and the announcement of a new Veronica Mars novel is the cherry on top.

To recap the Veronica Mars renaissance: More than 91,000 fans raised a whopping 5.7 million dollars to fund a Veronica Mars movie — the most supporters ever to support a project on Kickstarter.

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Executive producer Rob Thomas then announced on Twitter that the Veronica Mars movie will be released in 2014 on Pi Day, or March 14th.

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The new book, which is set to be on shelves less than two weeks after the movie premieres, will be titled The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. Sources say the novel will pick up where the movie leaves off — and will include all of the favorite Veronica Mars characters.

The novel is already available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It’s going to be a March full of Veronica Mars for us over at the CW Philly!

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-Lia Rosalsky, CW Philly