Hey family, guess who’s back next week? Yes, that’s right—our very own Ukee Washington returns to the air on Tuesday! Woohoo!

We know you missed Ukee while he was out on his “Hip Trip”—the multitude of emails and phone calls we got in his absence proves it. But did you know that everyone’s favorite small screen star is also a star on the silver screen? In fact, Ukee’s made more than a few appearances in major motion pictures over the years, including “The Happening,” “Unbreakable,” and “Signs.”

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So why not celebrate Ukee’s return to the Morning Show by following in his cinematic footsteps? If you’re not sure where to start, we’ll tell you: Download SpotDash, the CBS mobile app that’s a mix of tour guide, quiz game and scavenger hunt, from the App Store or Android Market. Then select Ukee’s Movie Tour, and get started!

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Your journey starts at 30th Street Station, where Ukee made a cameo in M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening,” then continues on to seven spots throughout the Philadelphia area, including Independence Hall, Rittenhouse Square and Franklin Field. There’s even a stop at Stephen Starr’s burger stand, SquareBurger, on the way!

So grab a CakeShake and make a toast—here’s to Ukee, one of the most beloved members of our “family” here at CBS3!

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