Nineties’ kids have been rejoicing all across the internet as Netflix has announced the return of “The Magic School Bus.”

“The Magic School Bus” is back and better than ever, and Netflix just dropped a trailer to show off what the updated version of the kids show will look like.

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The biggest change coming to the reboot is Ms. Frizzle, the fearless leader behind the wheel of the bus, who will be joined by the younger Frizzle sister, Ms. Fiona Felicity Frizzle, voiced by Kate McKinnon. Fiona is in many ways just as daring and outgoing as her older sister.

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Another key change to the show is the iconic theme song which was given a modern sound, with some assistance from the amazing composer, Lin-Manuel Miranda. The show will focus on the magical elements of the bus which was the main interest for kids, but also the scientific and educational aspects of the show which were the main selling points to parents.

People are raving about the return of their beloved childhood favorite show returning with the backing of Netflix behind it.

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You can see some of the reactions below: