"They've always been destiny"By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — The Flash’s Candice Patton [Iris West-Allen] as well as Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan [Toni Topaz] and Ashleigh Murray [Josie McCoy] will be on a panel on June 10 as part of POPSUGAR’S two-day festival, Play/Ground. PS had the chance to sit down with Patton before the big event to discuss the future of The Flash, including a special new character who will be joining the cast and Iris and Barry’s relationship.

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First, PS asked Patton what her reaction was when she found out Iris’s and Barry’s daughter would be joining the series.

“So I’ve known for a very long time that that was going to happen. But I think we’re all excited for something new, and to add to Team Flash, especially the West-Allen family,” Patton said.

Additionally, PS wanted to know what exactly it is about Iris and Barry’s relationship that makes it so special.

“I love that their relationship isn’t really questioned, you know? They have a pretty solid thing going. I mean, it took them awhile to get together, but I think once they got together, it’s been a respected and respectful relationship, and they have people around them that love them and support them,” Patton explained. “And I don’t know, they’re kind of — they’re destiny. I mean, they’ve always been destiny, it feels like. We’ve been hinting at it since the very first episode.”

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As if scoop on your favorite showmance isn’t enough, Patton reflected on the past season and even revealed her favorite episode!

“When Iris [becomes a speedster], because it was something so different than what I’ve done in other episodes. Getting to suit up and kind of bear the brunt of the work for one episode was really, really fun. I got to see kind of what Grant [Gustin] through goes through every episode,” Patton said.

Though Patton enjoyed being a speedster, she doesn’t see it becoming a full-time occupation.

“I would love to see Iris kind of away from Team Flash a little more, doing her own thing, especially reporting and being a journalist. And I am really hoping that there’s a lot more heart in the show. The West-Allen family, our daughter, all of those dynamics will be really very interesting,” Patton said.

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What do you think of Iris and Barry’s relationship? Who’s ready for the next season of The Flash to start? Sound off in the comments!