By India Lee

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — At the end of tweets, in the middle of text messages, and even in the form of a pillow! Today, it’s hard to express any thought without adding one of those adorable emojis to seal the deal. It’s almost as though without it, there’s absolutely no emotion or meaning to what we have to say (or tweet). Sometimes, emojis are the only thing needed to “say” exactly what we feel.

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With the way we talk constantly changing, emojis have to keep up as well. From the crying laughing face, to the dragon, to the moon face, there’s plenty to choose from. Some are timeless, some are unnecessary and there’s definitely some that we still need! So what’s next? What “fetch” emojis are on the horizon for the next update to help us get our point across even more effectively?

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Here are 10 that myself and some others came up with:

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  • Hand sanitizer- Because sometimes things gets a little dirty.
  • Water bottle– A healthy alternative to the juice and liquor emojis.
  • A giraffe– Because why isn’t there one!
  • Male/Female on a skateboard– Because some conversations call for a dramatic exit.
  • Post it note– Why not?
  • A “For Sale” sign– For when you send pictures of your kids to friends!
  • A Pretzel– To say, “bring me a Philly soft pretzel on your way home, please”, without really saying it.
  • A Cheese-steak– This may only apply to Philadelphia smartphone users.
  • Stop/Go signs– To let folks know when enough is enough, or if they’re on to something good.
  • A “hush” face– It’s time to stop talking!

What’s the one emoji you find yourself needing? Comment below and share with your friends!