by Jay Tilles

Taylor Swift‘s trademark application for the lyric “This Sick Beat” has come under fire by Ben Norton, a composer and free speech advocate known as Peculate.

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Last October Swift’s attorneys filed trademark applications for lyrics found on her album 1989 such as “Party Like it’s 1989,” “Could Show You Incredible Things,” “Cause We Never Go Out of Style” and “Nice to Meet You. Where You Been?”

But the one that irked Norton enough to compose a full song was “This Sick Beat.” So, in response Norton wrote and released a song under the same title.

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And what do you suppose the lyrics are to this new song? Yes, “This Sick Beat,” over and over and over. But in all fairness, the song is wildly entertaining. And to accompany the music, Norton created a lyric video.

Note the ™ logo. This indicates that Swift’s camp has merely filed for these marks. If and when Swift’s marks are approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office, it would preclude anyone from using the term for use in conjunction with a whopping 16 classes of goods and services ranging CDs and downloadable music to Christmas tree ornaments, hair brushes and knitting accessories.

Since the marks have not yet been approved, others who can claim prior use still have time to file an opposition, which, judging by the final lyrics in Norton’s song, is just what he hopes will happen.

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