By India Lee

PHILADELPHIA (CW Philly) — “Clutch” is a common term for it, however, there may be a downside for the many of us who are known to always come through when our friends, family and even our co-workers need us.

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Being dependable is obviously a great trait, but there is always a time and place for it.

According to a study provided by Personnel Psychology, it was discovered that employees who take a decent amount of time out of their day to help their coworkers experience more stress throughout the day.

As obvious as it may seem when written in an article or on paper, it’s not as obvious to the worker who’s taking on that extra responsibility.

The employees that tend to “save the day” don’t even realize that they are diminishing their own productivity because they just believe it’s their responsibility to work as a “team.”

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Although collaboration in the workplace can yield amazing results, it doesn’t account for the fact that we all have our own workloads to conquer.

Researchers at Michigan State University emphasized that employees that focus on their own workload in the morning will help themselves avoid feelings of exhaustion and fatigue that are mainly elevated by helping other colleagues in the office complete their tasks first.

The study determined that negative behaviors worsen as the day goes on when people don’t focus on their own work first thing in the morning.

When we work, we want to be as productive and effective as possible.

In order to maintain a healthy workplace, it’s suggested that we do not agree to do more than what we can actually handle.

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So continue to be that team player, but always remember you have your own job to do and you want to do it well.