By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming. Between the shopping, prepping, and cooking, it’s easy to forget about other important elements of the night. While delicious food is a priority, festive decorations really set the tone. Fortunately, CW Philly has you covered with easy DIY crafts to transform your Thanksgiving dinner into a creative success.

Cinnamon Sticks Candle

This festive candle looks great, smells divine, and is super easy to recreate. Best of all, this craft only requires five materials, making it budget-friendly.

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  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Pillar candle (at least 3-inches in diameter)
  • Floral shears
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Dish or coaster


  1. Measure the candle height. Cut the cinnamon sticks to size using floral shears.
  2. Run hot glue along cinnamon stick. Stick the cinnamon stick vertically to the side of the candle. (Use low-temperature setting on hot glue gun to minimize candle melting.)
  3. When the first cinnamon stick is glued onto the candle (and dry) glue the next stick snugly against it. Repeat to cover the entire candle.
  4. Place the finished candle on a dish or coaster.

Credit:  Martha Stewart 


Metallic Pumpkins

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween. Transform a plastic pumpkin, or even the real thing, into a dazzling metallic centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner table.

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  • Pumpkin(s)
  • Metallic spray paint
  • Newspaper and/or cardboard
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  1. Find a clear workspace outside to begin your metallic pumpkin craft.
  2. Wipe your pumpkin to get any dust or dirt off of its surface.
  3. Lay out newspaper or cardboard, and place your pumpkin on the covered area.
  4. Start spraying your pumpkin. (2 coats suggested)
  5. Let pumpkin dry fully before moving inside.

Credit: PopSugar


Gratitude Jar

Remind your loved ones what Thanksgiving is truly about. There are no rules to creating a Gratitude Jar. Make it as simplistic or elaborate as you’d like! Have each person write what he or she is thankful for and add it to the jar. Lastly, to really feel the love, read all of the grateful notes together. 

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Suggested Materials:

  • Jar (any type or size)
  • Alphabet Stickers
  • Card stock
  • Markers

Suggested Steps:

  1. Decide on a title for your jar. (i.e. “Gratitude Jar,” “Thankful Jar,” or “Blessings Jar”)
  2. Spell out your title with alphabet stickers and adhere the stickers to jar.
  3. Place your finished jar, card stock, and markers on your dinner table, so your family and friends can express their gratitude.

Credit: Get Away Today

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These crafts are simple, budget-friendly, and will add just the right amount of pizzazz to your Thanksgiving dinner!