Philadelphia (CW Philly) — Have you ever tried to juggle multiple dates in a week? It can become a complete mess at times. Well, one man has taken it a step further, and instead of juggling these dates in one week, he tried to juggle them in one day.

We come to the story of Lisette Pylant, the heroine behind a hilarious Twitter thread that is serving as a reminder that the sisterhood still exists.

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From what Pylant told NYMag, for her 26th birthday, friends set her up with a random guy they met at a bar. Things seemed fine and she agreed to go on a date with the guy the next Monday at Truxton Inn.

The date itself wasn’t what she hoped it would be, but she had friends at the bar and the guy, who she calls Justin, had said he was meeting friends at 6:15, so being a good sport, she decided to wait it out.

When the time came around for his “friends” to show up, it turns out that this “friend” was actually date No. 2.


Just as the two women are about to leave for drinks at another bar, date No. 3 shows up.

Now, at this point, Pylant takes the high road, as she aims for a better plan of revenge. The women plan to stick around for the evening.

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As the night goes on, Pylant and her new found friends decide they’ve had enough and head out to ANXO, a nearby bar. But from here things take an interesting turn. With some of her friends staying behind at the inn, she later gets a text from them saying, “Dude, he’s here with a fourth girl!’”

Before date No. 5 gets to Justin, she is met by her fellow Justin daters.

Eventually, date No. 5, or Allie, makes it over there and finds herself in the same situation as the Justin tribe.

“I waited for number four to stand up and I said, ‘Hi, I’m number five,’ and he goes, ‘Oh no, you have been cut,’ and made the hand motion,” Pylant told NYMag.

Later on, Pylant is met on the street by Justin, who says that she is the one he wanted to get to know all along.

The party at ANXO disperses but Justin is still at his game and date No. 6 shows up — a woman from out of town who was visiting along with her mom and aunt.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time that our man Justin has tried his hand at juggling six dates in one night.

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After a wild and eventful night, Pylant’s take on all this is positive and that she’s now made five new BFFs.