The Carrie Diaries is sure to be the next big thing on The CW this January.

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The coming-of-age series is based on a younger Carrie Bradshaw, the main character from Sex in The City.

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We are introduced to 17-year-old Carrie soon after the death of her mother. The story follows all the normal twists and turns of adolescence but with a very personal feel. Carrie has a group of high school friends that are also going through the beginning stages of sexuality.

The allure of the big city seems to have even more appeal to this young girl as she struggles between the world of a child and the adult world. Carrie must face the fact that everything around her is changing, including her friends and herself. Now she must decide who she wants to be, without the help of anyone else.

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The Carries Diaries will make you remember your own teen years with fondness and possibly some regret. Fans of Sex in The City won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to see how Carrie became the Manhattan woman and writer that we all love and identify with.