Philadelphia (CW Philly) —  Riverdale’s musical episode, “Big Fun,” aired Wednesday night, and unlike last year’s musical, Carrie, there were no deaths. But don’t worry the episode was still chock-full of drama. There was singing, arson, and the long-awaited arrival of Chad Michael Murray’s character, Edgar Evernever

In couple news, Choni is back in action. Toni sang her heart out during Heathers: The Musical to win Cheryl back, and it worked. Also, Archie and Josie are now official.

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In addition, Jughead made his highly-anticipated singing debut, and later, Betty and Jug burned down the trailer Gladys stole. Veronica also discovered that her parents are separating.

But nothing could top the tail end of the episode. As the cast wrapped their Heathers performance, Edgar Evernever began slowly clapping and eventually stood. The cult leader was dressed in all white, and as he applauded, his presumed followers began to stand as well.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their reactions of the episode’s unsettling ending.

Erin said, “now THAT is how you make an entrance!!!!”

Paige said she would join Murray’s cult if he had one in real life.

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And Whitney loved the episode.

Brittany Volner wrote, “Hello Chad Micheal Murray 😁 #Riverdale,” and Murray responded, “Welcome to the Farm! #TheFarm #Riverdale.”

Riverdale airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW Philly.