Would you like vegetables with your Big Mac?

McDonald’s has partnered up with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to create healthier menu options at Mickey D’s.  The alliance was founded by the Clinton Foundation and American Heart Association.

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The Golden Arches will offer customers a choice of a side salad, fruit or vegetables as a substitute for French fries in value meals.

The healthy changes will also affect the Happy Meal box.  Promotions and advertisements will be geared towards marketing water, milk and juice as beverage options for children.

McDonald’s President and CEO said “This commitment reflects McDonald’s progress regarding nutrition and well-being.  Our partnership with the Clinton Foundation and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation is another important step in our journey. And we know there’s more to do. We will continue to use our size and scale around the world to help educate, empower and encourage our customers to make informed choices so they can live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.”

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McDonald’s expects to start making changes to the menu in early 2014 in some of their markets and by 2020, all McDonald’s will offer the new options.

Are you happy about the new menu options or will you be sticking with the fries?

-Yani Carter, CW Philly

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