Even the biggest Entourage fan will tell you that the HBO show’s last two seasons were creatively out of gas. Drugs, porn stars and love connections marred the final seasons leaving fans of the show a bit disappointed. Good thing there is this little thing called movies to further the story Vince (Adrien Grenier) and his buddies E, Turtle, Drama and his former Agent Ari as they navigate life in the Hollywood fast lane.

Adjusting from the small screen to the big screen usually leads to negative results. Sure there are some great TV adaptations out there (The Untouchables & Serenity), but mostly we are left with My Favorite Martian, Miami Vice or even worse like Star Trek: The Motion Picture (That’s right, I said it!). Lucky for fans of the show, Entourage sits on the positive side of the velvet rope.

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First thing Entourage does right is erase the wrongs of the final two seasons. Vince’s marriage is over and Ari is back to work running a studio. The two have teamed up for Ari’s first big project which Vince is starring and also directing which leads to our plot turmoil. By wiping the slate clean with their new stories, Entourage almost feels like a reboot even though the story takes place less than a year after the show ended in the movie timeline. The film keeps it fresh, but familiar which is a tough task for adapting TV shows that are no longer on the air.

The four-year break definitely helped the gang find their funny bone again and realize Entourage is supposed to be fun. Think of this film as mini season which you are able to binge watch in a few hours. Old and new faces pop up, Kevin Dillion’s Drama spouts off some obnoxious remark that you can’t help, but laugh at and Jeremy Piven is still the star of the show as the most entertaining ball of anger ever Ari Gold.

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Another added element that makes Entourage work on the big screen is mystery and intrigue. You as the audience wonder if Vince’s directorial debut Hyde is a soon to be bomb or a career defining moment for Mr. Chase? Will it get finished? Is Drama really that good in it? All these questions make the ending of the film so satisfying for long time fans of the show especially those of Kevin Dillion’s loser brother Johnny. Entourage isn’t the best TV adaptation I have ever seen, but it corrects the mistakes from the past and gives us hope we could see more movies following the bros in the future.

Overall, I give Entourage 3 out 4 stars.

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