In this critic’s opinion, Deadpool is the toughest comic book character to translate to the big screen. The wise cracking, foul-mouthed, violent Marvel anti-hero who breaks the fourth wall with the audience is beloved by fans. Turning the genre busting comic book into a film adaptation both fans and the studio can be happy with is no small task. Many observers had reservations about giving Deadpool his own movie after the first attempt adapting the Marvel assassin went south in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but Ryan Reynolds and 20th Century Fox hit the reset button and found redemption in the new film Deadpool.

From the opening credits to the final secret scene, which is the best since Sam Jackson showed up at the end of Iron Man, Deadpool grabs you by the junk (Trust me, Mr. Pool would have said worse) and doesn’t let go taking you on the wildest comic book movie adaptation ever. The film breaks all the rules by mixing multiple genres in entertaining fashion. Our titular anti-hero even informs the audience along the way of the ever switching plot themes taking place.

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Deadpool lets the audience in on the joke by breaking the fourth wall, which in return makes the audience take the ultra violent zaniness seriously. The action scenes are bloody good, but there is also times where you will laugh out loud from the quick one-liners and the multiple pop culture references. Director Tim Miller also does an excellent job of telling an origin story while not having Reynolds become the Merc with the Mouth more than half way through the movie. The audience gets their man Deadpool from the start, which is nice change-up from the usual sluggish origin installments in new franchises.

Deadpool may reside in the X-Men superhero film universe and pal around with a true to the comics version of the Mutant Colossus, but make no mistake. He is no hero as stated many times by the film’s lead, which makes him even more fun to root for. Reynolds brings the revenge fueled, super-powered hilarious heavy to life in a big way. The former Green Lantern star may have stumbled before in the comic book realm, but he nails the role of Wade Wilson this time around. Reynolds knew he was perfect for this role and takes full advantage of the second chance he was given to breathe new life into the character. Deadpool is filled with awesome action, raunchy humor and is one Hell of a good time.

Overall, I give Deadpool 3.25 out of 4 stars. 

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Deadpool is a great time, but the film is full of blood, guts, nudity and a whole lot of four letter words. Be careful if you’re thinking about taking the young ones. It’s Rated R for a reason.

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