By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — Jason Kelce’s electrifying speech during the Eagles’ Super Bowl ceremony captured the world’s attention. The Eagles center’s powerful words, combined with his iconic Mummers ensemble, particularly resonated with Steve Moll of Montgomery County, a Jason Kelce look-alike.

Moll is a mathematics teacher at Germantown Academy, where he teaches grades nine through 12. He was working on Thursday, Feb. 8, the day of the parade, when he received an outpouring of comments about how he resembled Kelce. It wasn’t the first time that Moll heard the comparison.

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“My wife Amanda noticed way back that we looked very similar,” Moll said.  “She made some photos of the two of us. The resemblance is remarkable.”

Collage created by Steve Moll’s Wife, Amanda.

After the parade, Moll felt like he had to honor his famous doppelgänger. He decided he would impersonate Kelce during his school’s morning meeting the next day.

“I called my wife on the way home and said we needed to make that Mummers costume. She stopped at Jo-Ann Fabrics, as I put my son Gavran to bed,” Moll said.

Moll admits he wouldn’t have been able to piece the intricate outfit together without his crafty wife, Amanda.

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“We [Steve and Amanda Moll] spent all night designing and construction. Well, she did all the work; I was just the canvas for her creation. She’s unbelievably talented,” he confessed.

With the help of his wife, Moll’s last-minute dream of transforming into a triumphant Jason Kelce became a reality. During the morning meeting, he emerged on stage singing “Fly, Eagles, Fly!”

Photo Credit: Noah Spratt

“It [being on stage] was very surreal. A bunch of videos and pictures were taken, it was really cool,” Moll said.

As a former center for his college football team, Moll’s connection to Kelce goes below the surface.

“Jason Kelce relates to me in many ways; one of which is that he proclaims to be an undersized center,” Moll explained. “I was also a center, played at university of Rhode island, and by all means was considered undersized. Hence, a big fan [of Kelce] and a fan of the Underdogs.”

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Kelce’s fiery words are etched in the hearts and minds of Eagles fans forever. Fortunately, students at Germantown Academy don’t have to wait until the next big win to get their dose of Kelce inspiration. They can walk down the hall and visit their very own underdog, Mr. Moll.