By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — Mandy Moore and Jenna Dewan’s nearly 20-year-old friendship began on the set of one of Moore’s music videos in 2000. The ladies appeared on The Late Late Show on Monday night and reminisced about the first time they met.

“It was a song called ‘So Real’ that was like a single in Australia or something,” Moore told host James Corden.

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Dewan remembered how excited she was to land the gig as a backup dancer.

“This was like the biggest deal in the world to me. I called my family. I was like, ‘I’m doing a Mandy Moore video.’ It was this huge production,” she said. “I was just overly excited. I danced way too hard the entire time,” she continued.

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Corden was curious if Moore and Dewan remembered any of the dance moves.

“Well, I didn’t dance because I’m the worst dancer in the world and that’s why you were there to make up for that fact,” Moore said.

Sure enough, Dewan’s “muscle memory” came through, and she demonstrated part of the dance. Corden even joined in! If you missed the interview, click here to watch!

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If you want to hear So Real and rate Dewan’s moves, click here.