By Briana White

You’ve heard of television and music subscription services, but have you ever heard of a wine subscription service?  Well I’m here to tell you that it does exist!

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The company is called Bright Cellars, and it was launched by two M.I.T. graduates with a self-proclaimed passion for wine.  Using what is called The Bright Points Algorithm, Bright Cellars matches you that perfect (and most likely unheard of) bottle of vino.

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The process starts with a quiz that builds your wine profile.  The quiz covers everything from who you like to drink your wine with, to what food you like to drink your wine with.  The goal is to get an idea of what wine characteristics you enjoy.

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Based on those preferences, four different bottles of wines are delivered to your home once a month.  And just like your television or music subscription service, your monthly wine matches get more accurate when you rate them.