Will Nadu Win ‘Wahl Man of the Year?’By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — Matthew Nadu has been named “Wahl Man of Philadelphia,” but he’s competing for an even more prestigious title now, “Wahl Man of the Year.”

In this nationwide facial hair competition, the men’s grooming company Wahl searched the “10 Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America” to scout the guys with the best scruff.

Nadu is among 10 other finalists, who were also crowned facial hair champions of their respective cities. They all have the same goal of taking home the title “Wahl Man of the Year,” which comes with a grand prize of $1,500. There are also $500 prizes and some beard grooming supplies for the 10 finalists.

According to Nadu, “Having a beard is like being in a cool community. You walk down the street sizing up other beards, and giving a nod or a wave in respect.”

So, next time you’re walking around the City of Brotherly Love, maybe you’ll spot Nadu with his perfectly groomed beard in all of its glory.

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