By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — Lili Reinhart is mourning the loss of her Riverdale co-star Luke Perry. Perry passed away on Monday, March 4, after suffering a severe stroke last week. Hours after his death, Reinhart shared a poem on her Instagram Stories, in which she expressed her immense grief.

“It’s strange to see the world move on. When someone you love, gets taken from you. And the small circumference surrounding you is stuck. Frozen in a moment. Of loss. And shock,” she wrote. “Yet the people passing you are moving at full speed. Did they not feel the earth shake? Or slow? Can they hear the thoughts screaming in my head?”

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“His name. His face. Memories. Flashes. Of a friend. A lost friend. We always expect the earth to stand still. For the universe to grieve the loved ones we have lost, along with us. But it keeps moving. Maybe as a sign that we should too. The movement of strangers, like a wave, taking us with them,” she continued.

“So we ebb and flow with the passage of others, coasting off their energy and conserving our own. Because it’s too hard to give anything right now. To anyone. Except for him. The one we’ve lost. And I pray that he’s silently moving in tandem with us. Guiding us through the waves even when we can’t swim,” Reinhart concluded.

Perry’s death has sent ripples through the entire Riverdale community. Warner Brothers, The CW, and the show’s executive producers released the following statement:

Additionally, many of Perry’s co-stars have taken to social media to express their sorrow.

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“My heart is broken. I will miss you so much Luke Perry. Sending all my love to your family,” Molly Ringwald wrote.

Casey Cott opened up about his close relationship with the late actor, writing in part, “I’m totally heartbroken. Luke took me under his wing the day I was cast and made me feel like I belonged.”

Mädchen Amick shared her fondest memories with Luke and ended her emotional post with, “I will love you forever Luke.”

Vanessa Morgan shared a group photo with the caption, “Angel…no words.”

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Riverdale shut down production for two days following Perry’s death and resumed on Wednesday, March 6.