By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart was honored with the Variety + H&M Conscious Award last night at Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood event.

When the young actress took the stage to accept the award, she discussed what it means to be a role model and how she decided to live her life in a transparent and honest way.

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“I’m so honored. As actors, musicians and people with a platform, we are so often called upon to be good role models and to set a good example. With the expectation of being perfect idols, our mistakes are often amplified, our choices are criticized, and our words are scrutinized,” Reinhart said. “That notion scared me for the longest time, because I know I am not perfect, and I knew I was never going to live up to that perfect expectation. So, I wanted to present myself to the world without a filter, and that meant being honest about my own insecurities, my own shortcomings and my own mistakes,” she continued.

Reinhart appreciates the support from her fans.

“In accepting this honor, it is important for me to acknowledge all of the fans—all of the young people who I celebrate my successes with—who have given me the power to be honest about my personal experience with body dysmorphia, therapy, bullying and mental health issues. It came to my attention that so few influencers were actually willing to talk about their flaws, and that’s an idea I wanted to challenge. That’s when I realized how important it was to stay authentically myself: Imperfect, but still powerful,” she said.

She concluded her speech by emphasizing the importance of being open and compassionate.

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“Being proud of who we are is a power that not all of us possess, but we should all be conscious of the power we have to change someone else’s world, simply by being open about our own faults and creating a caring environment for those willing to share their own experiences,” she explained. “Thank you.”

Variety also published an interview with Reinhart, in which she elaborated on why she uses her platform to help others.

“I was able to meet people face-to-face and have them tell me, ‘I didn’t know how to talk to my parents about [mental health], and then I heard you speak about it and was motivated to get help.’ At first, people saying things like that didn’t really register. It was just like, ‘Oh, that’s a nice thing to say.’ But then it kind of stops you in your tracks to think that something you did has actually influenced someone’s life,” she said.

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