By Candace Shelton, CW Philly

Were you officially #TeamRafael when he surprised Jane with her dream nursery? Or when he took baby classes to prove to Jane he could be a good dad?

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Well, in real life, Jane The Virgin star Justin Baldoni is just that kind.

He co-founded Shout The Good, an app that measures your character and your ability to see good in others, on a scale between 1 and 100.

It combines everything you’ve ever posted on social media and gives you a character profile and score.

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The app also provides a platform for you and your friends to endorse or “shout out” each other’s positive traits, like being generous, confident, honest, and so on.

Your score goes up every time you shout the good about someone else.

“We want Shout to be the go-to destination where we can all be reminded of what actually matters in the world,” Baldoni said. “To have a place that tells us all of the good our friends and peers think about us is something the world really needs.”

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If that isn’t enough to love Justin, catch him on Jane The Virgin Mondays at 9 right here on The CW Philly!