Philadelphia (CW Philly) — Tom Cruise appeared on The Late Late Show this week to promote Mission: Impossible-Fallout, and his lighthearted conversation with host James Corden quickly turned into a serious bet. In short, Corden questioned how difficult a stunt was in the upcoming film, and in return, Cruise challenged the late night host to go skydiving. 

“It took 106 jumps to get it, but if you’re interested, I’m happy to take you—if you want to try it. If it’s so easy, you can come with me,” Cruise said.

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Corden accepted the challenge, and the two men shook on it to make it official.

He may have seemed ready to jump from a plane while safe on his set, but Corden didn’t seem as confident on Thursday, when he was 15,000 feet up in the air.

“It’s 110 degrees and today I’m about to jump out of an airplane with Tom Cruise. I can’t quite believe I’m doing this,” Corden said.

Cruise greeted a very nervous Corden, who admitted he was “terrified.”

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“I’ll be honest, I’m terrified. This feels like a mistake,” he said.

Cruise assured Corden they would both survive the fall, but it didn’t seem to help Corden’s nerves.

Before exiting the plane, he yelled, “Oh, s–t! Oh, f–k! Oh, s–t!”

Cruise landed on his feet, like a true professional, but Corden wasn’t quite as graceful. Nevertheless, they both got back to the ground safely.

Despite his anxiety before jumping, Corden enjoyed the experience.

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He told Cruise, “That was amazing! That was incredible!”