Stephen Amell thinks so!By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — During London’s Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, Arrow’s Stephen Amell was asked if an Arrow/ Supernatural crossover would ever happen. Aisha Tyler, who was moderating the panel, said the shows were too different to create a coherent crossover. Amell, on the other hand, thinks a crossover is an absolute possibility. 

“I mean, the reason that we do crossovers on Arrow is because Greg Berlanti [Arrow executive producer], when he was growing up, loved to see characters from one show show up on another show. So I would love the opportunity to work with Jared and Jensen,” Amell said. 

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However, Amell acknowledged that it wouldn’t be easy for the two very different shows to tell one logical story.

“I don’t know how it would look. I really don’t. But I would love to do it, because ultimately we make the show – my show, their show – we make it for you guys. We make it so people can enjoy it,” Amell said. 

He also teased fans with a picture of Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. Check out his post below!

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Some fans even suggested catchy crossover names!

As of now, a crossover is not in the works, but Amell is hopeful.

“Maybe, you know, one of these days Greg Berlanti will be sitting in a room with the head honcho of Supernatural and they’ll just go, ‘Eh, why not?’,” he said.

Would you like to see an Arrow/ Supernatural crossover happen? Sound off in the comments!

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Arrow will return Monday nights this fall at 9 p.m., and Supernatural will return Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW Philly.