By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — During The 100’s season five finale, an important new character was introduced: Harper and Monty’s son, Jordan Jasper Green.

Instead of going into cryosleep, Harper and Monty stayed awake and cared for their son. The two eventually died of old age, but they left a video message for Clarke and Bellamy (who were in cryosleep) to catch them up on the past 125 years.

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Jordan was born on the Eligius IV and has never ventured off the ship. The only people he has ever met and interacted with are his parents. So, according to TV Guide, his secluded lifestyle “without war, apocalypses, or any life-or-death stakes” has led Jordan to become “an adorable, easy-going, and sort of naive kid who’s about to be thrown into a handful of totally new experiences.” 

Shannon Kook, who portrays Jordan, talked to TV Guide about how he prepared for the role.

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“There’s so many simple things that you look past, you know, day-to-day, and I was really trying to take in the planet and the people,” Kook explained. “I was trying to fit in all those moments by seeing, you know, a female for the first time that’s not my mother, and Jordan is dealing with all these new experiences of relating to people that he’s grown up idolizing. And now I think he also feels a sense of, like, he’s almost the puppy or the new one. I don’t know, the new kid.”

As the new kid, Jordan will have to differentiate between what he has learned from his parents and what he’ll learn on the new planet, in order to form his own opinions. But he does already have a favorite person.

“Murphy is his favorite character, which is so interesting. It’s not who you would expect, especially because of his parents, but I think Jordan — he mirrors his parents in their idealistic and kind natures, but he also has a propensity for rebelling and bending the rules,… He’s come from an idealistic, structured mindset, but also, he really has to find himself in the storyline because he’s battling between honoring his parents and what he’s been told by the battle-hardened heroes of the story, but then also trying to listen to his own heart.” Kook said.

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The 100 returns Tuesday, April 30 at 9 p.m. on The CW Philly.