PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Extremely Happy face Emoji because The Unicode Consortium has just revealed the list of 51 new Emoji characters that could appear on your phone’s keyboard starting next year, and the list includes a flying saucer and an Elf!

The Consortium was definitely in the Halloween spirit when they made this list because some of the new characters that made the cut includes a fairy, a vampire, and a zombie.  It’s safe to say they may also have been hungry because some of the new food characters you can look out for include a coconut, broccoli, pie, and a pretzel.

The group also continued it’s quest to ensure everyone is represented in it’s Emoji keyboard.  Look out for a Hijab wearing Emoji, a heavily bearded man Emoji, and a Breastfeeding Emoji.  The new characters are set to appear on your phone by mid-2017.  In the mean time, be sure to check out the full list of the new Emoji Characters!

If you could create a new Emoji, what would it be?