By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — In the unconventional world of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, viewers never know what to expect. One week the Legends are encountering magical, killer unicorns and the next they are “stayin’ alive” in the 1970s. And soon, the team will be dancing in a Bollywood musical number. Showrunner Phil Klemmer talked to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming episode.

“A lot of [our ideas] come from a place of not self-destruction but trying to figure out the most difficult thing you could try to do. And I’d definitely count this among the hardest things I’ve ever attempted,” Klemmer said.

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According to EW, the episode, called “Séance & Sensibility,” centers around “the Legends traveling to Regency-era England chasing a time fugitive who precipitates an outbreak of unbridled lust that inadvertently causes Jane Austen to abandon writing. The romance in the air has a profound effect on Zari [Tala Ashe], who is typically guarded but succumbs to the magic.”

Photo Credit: The CW/ Dean Buscher

“We just wanted to use this conceit as as a way of understanding why Zari keeps all of her feelings contained and what it would be like if they came out in a giant explosion,”Klemmer elaborated.

And that “giant explosion” Klemmer was referring to transformed into an epic Bollywood musical number.

Caity Lotz, who portrays Sara Lance/ The White Cannary explained that, though the Legends cast is used to outlandish themes, this Bollywood number pushed the boundaries.

“Usually we just fit something crazy into our story; [here] the entire story becomes something crazy,” she said.

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In preparation for this “crazy” story, the cast did tons of rehearsing to familiarize themselves with the original music, lyrics, and dance moves.

Photo Credit: The CW/ Dean Buscher

And luckily for Tala Ashe, who plays Zari, she already had experience acting in a Bollywood musical number. Ashe was part of Smash’s Bollywood act seven years ago. Though, according to Ashe, “they were essentially different experiences.”

She went on to explain, “In the ‘Smash’ one, it was really fun and really incredible to be dancing alongside Anjelica Huston. This one was really, really character based for me and Zari’s story. It kind of starts in the world of Jane Austen and Regency-era, and then in the wonderful, crazy Legends way, we land in Bollywood. But all of it, at least in my mind, made sense for the evolution of Zari’s character.”

Klemmer and his team are inspired by the episode, but don’t want viewers to expect a full-blown musical episode anytime soon.

“This episode has encouraged us to try something more ambitious, although it’s not necessarily a musical episode. I’d rather do a music video episode,” Klemmer explained.

Who’s looking forward to seeing the Legends embrace Bollywood? Sound off in the comments!

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“Séance & Sensibility” will air Monday, April 15 at 8 p.m. on The CW Philly.