By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — TV Guide put out a list of the top five witches on TV in 2018, and two CW sorceresses made the cut. Macy Vaughn (Charmed) came in at number five, and Josie Saltzman (Legacies) took third place. Check out the slideshows below, and keep reading to find out why Macy and Josie were honored.


Macy Vaughn (Madeleine Mantock) managed to catch our eye with her scientific approach to the concept of magic. Most shows write off magic as some abstract power that should avoid scrutiny. But as a geneticist, Macy wasn’t going to stand for “because, magic” as an explanation for the crazy stuff happening to her. She regularly decides to science the hell out of the spells and potions she’s dealing with, even going to far as to provide a chemical breakdown of her vanquishes. — TV Guide

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Josie (Kaylee Bryant) is a particularly interesting witch, given that she’s a siphoner. She has to absorb magic from other sources (supernatural creatures, cursed objects, etc.) in order to perform spells and practice her craft. But that’s also what makes her so interesting…Josie is our pick of the Legacies litter because of the wonderful dark streak in her — the kind that makes her set her exes on fire when she’s feeling testy. — TV Guide

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