Philadelphia (CW Philly) — During the Charmed panel at this year’s Comic-con, the cast and producers discussed what viewers can expect in the show’s first season.

The CW reboot takes place in a college town and follows the lives of three sisters who, “after the tragic death of their mother, are stunned to discover they are witches. Soon this powerful threesome must stand together to fight the everyday and supernatural battles that all modern witches must face: from vanquishing powerful demons to toppling the patriarchy.”

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Executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman feels like it’s the right time for a reboot.

“The original was so much about female empowerment and sisterhood and strong women taking over the world, and I feel like that’s what we needed right now,” she said.

Urman went on to explain the differences between the reboot and the original show. One of the main distinctions in the reboot is a more diverse cast and LGBTQ representation.

“Representation is important… It doesn’t feel like the real world if we didn’t have that,” she explained.

Though the new version will be different in certain aspects, the team is committed to maintain the integrity of the original series.

The Original ‘Charmed Ones’ / Photo Credit: Getty Images/ Steve Granitz

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“We love the original. That’s why we wanted to do this… It’s deeply rooted in the original,” Urman said. 

Sarah Jeffery, who plays Maggie (one of the Charmed sisters in the reboot), added, “They laid the groundwork and we want to be respectful of that [and] honor it while bringing our modern twist.”

Even the demons are modern! 

“We want these demons to feel fun and modern. Like a demon that posses your fit bit.. it drains your youth and life force as you step,” producer Jessica O’Tool teased. 

Who’s excited to watch the next generation of The Charmed Ones? Sound off in the comments! 

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Charmed premieres Sunday, Oct. 14 on The CW Philly.