Philadelphia (CW Philly) — How well does Charles Melton know Riverdale? Despite playing Reggie Mantle on The CW show, Melton was upstaged by a Riverdale superfan, Madison, during Cosmopolitan’s game, Beat Your Superfan!

The game started out with a simple question, “What is the Riverdale High School mascot?” Madison beat Melton to the buzzer with the correct answer, bulldogs.

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For the second question, Melton and Madison were given a quote and had to fill in the blank. The quote was, “Only a dumba** lunatic bring ____ to a gunfight,” and Melton guessed incorrectly, even though his character, Reggie Mantle, said the statement! Madison got the point with her answer, bat.

Melton redeemed himself on the third question, “What is the popular drug in town called?” by ringing in first with the correct answer, jingle jangle.

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The game continued with additional Riverdale questions, and there were some questions about The Sun Is Also a Star, which Melton stars in.

Then, to wrap up the game, there was a lightning round, where Melton and Madison were presented with a series of Riverdale couples, and they had to guess the correct “ship name.” Melton had a few correct answers, but Madison won the round. In fact, Madison won the entire game, with a final score of 11-7.

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Click here to watch the two compete.