By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — Last week, Riverdale star, Charles Melton was blasted on Twitter for “fat-shaming” comments he made in 2011 and 2012. On June 23, Melton’s co-star, Camila Mendes, was at SHAPE’s 3rd Annual SHAPE Body Shop Pop-Up, where she discussed her stance on the controversial tweets.

“Charles called me personally to apologize. He was devastated. He felt really sorry about it and he called me personally and he said — with everything that I stand for — he said ‘I’m really sorry,'” Mendes told Access Hollywood.

Though Melton struck a sensitive nerve with Mendes, who is a body positivist, she has forgiven her co-star.

“I know Charles. I know he’s not actually a bad person and I think it’s a matter of… sometimes you tweet things forever ago and they’re buried in there and they come out, and it sucks. I do not agree with anything he said or support those statements, but I know that that’s not who he is,” she said.

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