By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Peter Mooney, who plays Billy Crawford in Burden of Truth, revealed what initially intrigued him about the series and what viewers can expect for the rest of the season. He even shared some scoops on season two!

First and foremost, Burden of Truth is a “lawyer show,” but Mooney believes it’s not exactly what viewers are used to.

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“We get to take a little bit more time and explore some of the things that would really be happening, spend a lot of time in discovery or doing a lot of the things that often when we watch lawyer shows, we don’t get to spend a lot of time doing,” Mooney explained.

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Prior to being cast in Burden of Truth, fans might remember Mooney from his role as Nick Collins, a police officer on Rookie Blue. So, ET was curious what the transition was like for him to go from playing a cop to a lawyer.

“The first thing is the props are very different. I don’t have to worry about handcuffs anymore and it’s a lot of files,” Mooney said while laughing.

Though Burden of Truth is different from what he’s used to, Mooney enjoys playing Billy.

“Billy is so different from other characters I’ve played. He’s someone who is fiercely intelligent but keeps that a well-guarded secret. He’s kind of embarrassed of the capabilities of his own mind. I find any time playing someone with that kind of duality is an exciting thing,” he said. 

Mooney’s character is vastly different from his co-star Kristin Kreuk’s character, and he thinks that makes for an interesting partnership.

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“Other than a similar geography up until they were 14, they have very little common ground. But they kind of fit into each other really because they have such different strengths and different weaknesses and a different outlook. They complement each other beautifully, but because they don’t have that much common ground, it’s not an easy road between the two of them. It’s pretty bumpy,” he told ET

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As far as what viewers can expect for the rest of this season, “Audiences are in for a real ride until the end,” Mooney teased. “I’ll be honest, things don’t get easier for any of our characters for a while. It gets pretty tough and this season does resolve in a way that I felt was really beautiful. But it’s not how I expected [it to end]. It was a really satisfying trip reading those last two episodes,” he continued. 

Filming for season two is already underway, and it focuses on a new mystery. Mooney didn’t want to give away too much of the storyline, but he did share some details.

“It is [focused on a new mystery], although what they did so beautifully with the new season is they kept everything we had from last year, so all the characters from last year we’ve come to know actually play a role in this new mystery. The two things end up being more related than it first seems,” he revealed. 

Additionally, viewers will see a “more comfortable” Billy in season two.

“Billy’s a little more comfortable in season two. I think he’s adapted to his role and to what it means to be a lawyer and how he can be that, while also sticking to his moral compass… and the way that him and Joanna come to pair up again is pretty cool. I don’t want to give anything away, but the circumstances that bring them back together is pretty fantastic,” he said.

Have you been enjoying Burden of Truth? Who’s already looking forward to season two? Sound off in the comments!

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The summer series airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW Philly.