By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — The big game is only two days away! If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, consider building a snack stadium. Don’t worry; we’re not talking about the elaborate snack stadiums you see on Pinterest, which require a hundred art supplies and a million assembly instructions. Keep reading to find out how you can impress your guests without testing your patience.

Ultimate Snack Stadium broke down how to make a snack stadium with just drinks and snacks, no art supplies needed.

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1. The outer ring: Drinks.

  • Build an outer wall of Gatorade.
  • Build an inner ring of sparkling water.
  • Pad the sides with soda on one side and beer on the other.

2. The end zones: Chips and dips.

  • Create cardboard levels to hold guacamole and hummus (the individual cups available at Costco are perfect for this set-up).
  • In each corner, prop up open bags of chips.

3. The cheering sections: Pre-portioned cups.

  • Line up individual cans of Pringles.
  • Place cups of mozzarella sticks (each with a marinara-sauce base) and buffalo wings in front of the Pringles.
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4. The field: Sandwiches and more. 

  • Place pre-made platters of sandwich wraps at the ends of the field.
  • Then, with spinach dip at the 50-yard line, create a face-off between chips and veggies (taken from a pre-made veggie platter).

To view photos and a quick assembly video, click here.

The Inflatable Snack Stadium

For $19.99, snag Sunny Anderson’s Infladium: The Inflatable Snack Stadium from Party City. It’s a cooler, so you can fill it with ice and store beverages or put some of your favorite game day snacks on display.

The Inflatable Snack Stadium includes:

  • 4 large rectangular containers
  • 4 triangular containers
  • 4 small rectangular containers
  • cardboard insert
  • recipe book
  • 8 pennant flags
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To shop, click here.