Celebs these days must have some busy bedrooms because we are always coming across pregnancy rumors. This story is no different. The rumor flying through the web world this week concerns the King and Queen of today’s musical universe: Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Rumor has it that Beyonce is baking another bun in her ‘royal’ oven. After the Met Gala, a performance in London and her appearance on Good Morning America, Bey fans are becoming suspicious.

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Let’s start the investigation with the Met Gala. Turns out, Bey’s gown was designed to show more skin than what was seen on the red carpet. Below, we see what Beyonce looked like next to a sketch of what the dress should have looked like. As you can see, the sketch shows some tummy which seems to be conveniently hidden on the red carpet. This is unsual for Beyonce; she did just do that spread/commercial for H&M in which she revealed some serious skin. She has no problem with skin (and neither do we). Odd…

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images/ Jaime McCarthy (left) Beyonce's Tumblr

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images/ Jaime McCarthy (left) Beyonce’s Tumblr

Our next clue comes to us from a performance in London. When this pic first surfaced, we were all distracted by the little girl on stage. The big story attached to this photo was “Beyonce Pulls Blue Ivy on Stage!” Oh, how things have changed. We are now taking a closer glance at the photo and Bey’s body. There is a noticeable pooch around Beyonce’s midsection in this photo. Again, this is strange because Bey always keeps her body looking great.

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Photo Credit: justjared.com

Photo Credit: justjared.com

Finally, we come to our last clue. Beyonce appeared on Good Morning America on May 6th of this year. After discussing her career and blah blah blah, Beyonce mentioned babies! “I would like more children,” she said. “I think my daughter needs some company.  I definitely love being big sister … .” Hmmmm….

I believe we have enough to build a very strong baby case. I’m in favor of a new baby. This world could always use another baby Bey-Z. So, is she or isn’t she? Tell us what you think!

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Vanessa Rao/ CW44 Tampa Bay