By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — Self-taught artist André Manguba, who has nearly 200,000 Instagram followers, has combined two fantasies – Riverdale and Disney. From Betty and Jughead reimagined as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider to Archie and Veronica drawn as Hercules and Meg, Manguba’s Instagram is filled with creative pieces of art. Check out some of his designs below!

Manguba dedicated a piece to Choni as well. He reimagined Cheryl as Ariel and Toni as Moana.

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In another design, Alice and FP were transformed into Belle and Prince Adam.

E! News caught up with Manguba to talk about the inspiration behind his art.

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“Growing up watching Disney shows and movies expanded my imagination as a kid. These inspirations turned into artistic expressions which influenced my concepts as well as my art style,” he told E! News.

As far as his focus on Riverdale characters, Manguba explained that he’s a big fan of The CW series.

“As an avid fan of Riverdale, I wanted to express my appreciation to the cast as well as the fans of the show,” he said. “Aside from this, I wanted to connect and interact with my followers who also watch Riverdale. Majority of them are my age who also have the same interests as I do and as a creator, drawing the cast differently excites me as well as my audience,” he continued.

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