Fans think so!By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — The midseason finale of Riverdale aired earlier this month, and fans are already predicting what’s to come when the show returns in 2019. One theory that’s gained popularity on social media is that Archie and Josie become an item.

The speculation began after Riverdale stars KJ Apa [Archie] and Ashleigh Murray [Josie] both alluded to a budding romance in separate interviews.

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“He [Archie] is kind of just spiraling into a dark kind of place but is saved by a person and by music,” Apa said during an interview with Syfy Wire.

Between her time leading the Pussycats, to her more recently pursuing a solo music career, we all know music is a big deal in Josie’s life.

Then, to add to the Archosie speculation, Murray teased a future romance for her character during an interview with Comicbook / TV.

“There are things coming up for Josie’s love life, which I am excited about,” she said.

Fans ran with those hints and shared their thoughts about the potential new couple on Twitter. Check out some reactions below!

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Are you convinced that Archosie is the next big Riverdale relationship? You’ll have to wait until the series returns on  Wednesday, Jan. 16 to find out!