Philadelphia (CW Philly) — “Annabelle: Creation” is another movie released in what many consider a lackluster summer, which after this weekend will fall further behind last year’s pace.

However, despite the overall appeal of the summer, the movie is doing its part to frighten audiences into theaters.

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The latest from New Line and Warner Bros, which serves as the fourth installment in what has become the “Conjuring” extended universe, is casting its evil eye on $35 million from 3,502 locations, Variety reports. That’s a strong start seeing as how the movie was made for about $15 million.

The series has done well with each related release: “Annabelle” ($37.1 million); “The Conjuring” ($41.9 million); and “The Conjuring 2” ($40.4 million). The latest spinoff sequel about a doll maker whose creation terrorizes a group of orphan girls, was directed by David F. Sandberg.

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For the fans of the “Conjuring” series, the “Annabelle: Creation” serves as a prequel to the first “Annabelle.” Critics have generally given a thumbs up to the movie and it currently sits on Rotten Tomatoes with a 68 percent.

“Annabelle is scary as hell,” Jeff Goldstein, distribution chief at Warner Bros., told Variety. “And it’s exciting to see how broadly audiences enjoyed it. I think our marketing team did a fabulous job.”

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Despite what some may say about the summer, the movies being released are still doing surprisingly well.