Philadelphia (CW Philly) — “Lord of the Flies” is next in line to receive the reboot treatment. The famous William Golding novel from 1954, about tween boys whose masculinity gets the best of them after they’re stranded on a remote island, will be rewritten based on an entirely female group.

Warner Bros. is making this all-female “Lord of the Flies,” capitalizing on a recent movie trend of gender-swapping stories, for example “Ghostbusters.” We’ll even soon see an “Ocean’s” inspired film starring eight A-list women, and a “Splash” update with Channing Tatum taking over Daryl Hannah’s mermaid role, to name a few.

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“Lord of the Flies” is a story about the savagery and hyper masculinity; one would think it’ll take delicate hands to convey the same in a group of prepubescent girls. Warner Bros. has hired Scott McGehee and David Siegel, two men, who collaborated on project such as “The Deep End,” “Bee Season” and “What Maisie Knew” to write and direct the movie.

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Those on Twitter were quick with opinions on the all-female rendition of the movie and the fact that men were writing the movie, with no female input.


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Gender-swapping screenplays as of recently has been somewhat of a success for those films so this may not be as bad as many think.