by Loscalzo

The world lost one of its cultural icons today. Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek TV series and subsequent movies and spin-offs, died in Los Angeles at 83.

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At his core, Nimoy was an accomplished actor and singer, known for playing Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof” in addition to his star turn as Mr. Spock. While serving in the Army Special Services in Georgia, he ran a theater group.

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Fellow actor Ken Berry, known for his TV roles on F-Troop, Mayberry R.F.D. and Mama’s Family was also in that group. “He was a real do-er,” Berry told podcaster Gilbert Gottfried. He added that Nimoy put together entire shows for Army personnel and the general public. “It was fun [and] that was not like being in the army at all!”

His popularity on Star Trek made it possible for Nimoy to record and to perform some very memorable versions of popular songs.

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