By Dani Nick

Philadelphia (CW Philly) — Getting ready in the morning can be a lengthy process, and let’s face it, nobody has time for that. Fortunately, Buzzfeed and Birchbox partnered up and found tons of life-changing beauty hacks, and we thought they were too good not to share! Keep reading for a few of their helpful tips!


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You don’t need lip injections, or even a special lip-plumping gloss, to get get a fuller look!

TIP: Mix a little peppermint oil into your lip gloss to give your lips a plumping boost.


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Don’t you hate it when you buy the wrong shade of foundation? Don’t throw it out! 

TIP: If you accidentally purchase a foundation that’s too dark, adding a bit of moisturizer to your mix can help lighten it.


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If your mascara is getting clumpy, don’t toss it. You might be able to bring it back to life!

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TIP:If you want to make your flaky, clumpy mascara last longer, mix a little contact solution in.

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You don’t need falsies to get a thick, full set of lashes!

TIP: If you want longer lashes without extensions, add baby powder to your lash routine.


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Bobby pins aren’t always enough to tame pesky flyaways. Luckily, there’s another solution!

TIP: Tame annoying flyaways with a little bit of hairspray on an old toothbrush.

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