By Briana White

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Thanksgiving.  The time of the year when you and your loving relatives gather around a big ‘ol turkey and exchange hilariously embarrassing stories about one another.  But during an election year the conversations seem to shift from ‘that time you fell off your bike and split your pants’ to ‘here are four reasons why my candidate didn’t win and 20 sources to back it up.’

Well, courtesy of Twitter, here is your Survival Guide to an Election Year Thanksgiving.

Let’s start with the most easily accomplished:

This is pretty sound advice.  With the political climate being what it is, you may want to completely refrain from talking about Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton unless you are trying to incite a politically fueled food fight.  However just like with politics there of course needs to be two fair views on this:

Definitely another way of looking at it!

Number one rule of dinner the table — don’t talk with your mouth full.  So Keep you mouth full.

Don’t have a dog?  Borrow one.  Then there is always this:

— but if you do decide to brave the election conversations, make sure you dress accordingly: Thanksgiving pants.

What are your tips for surviving the election discussions around the turkey?

Happy Thanksgiving.



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