There’s some happy news to share from the set of CW’s Arrow—- an engagement!

Tommy, known in real life as Colin Donnell, will share his life with actress Patti Murin. Murin took to Twitter to announce the engagement. She used a sneaky hash-tag to deflate the dreams of hopeful Colin Donnell fans.

“Guys, I have some big news to share!” Murin wrote. “Ready? I didn’t hate the Annie movie at all. #alsoigotengaged.”

Donnell retweeted Murin without much hesitation “I did too! To her!” he wrote.

The couple met eight years ago initially, but fell in love when they worked together in the musical Love’s Labour’s Lost in 2013.
Congratulations to the happy couple… We can’t wait for the wedding pics!
-Lia Rosalsky, CW Philly

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