By now, you’ve probably seen previews for the new Sofia Coppola movie coming out this weekend called “The Bling Ring.”

“The Bling Ring” tells the true story about a group of L.A. teens who stole millions of dollars worth of belongings from celebrities back in 2008 and 2009.

One celeb who was hit especially hard by the robberies was Rachel Bilson, star of the CW show “Hart of Dixie.”

The real-life Bling Ring robbed Bilson’s home five times in two weeks while she was away. The teens would try on her clothes, experiment with her makeup and wear her jewelry.

The teens called it “going shopping” and decided they wanted to go shopping again and again.

“Ms. Bilson was probably the most emblematic of how this group typically worked,” Officer Brett Goodkin told a Grand Jury in 2010.

The leader of the Bling Ring, high school student Rachel Lee, considered Bilson a fashion icon, which was why her house was targeted so many times.

Bilson has been the object of many “style-crushes” among young women for her vintage boho style. In fact, she was admired as much for her fashion sense as for her work on “The OC.”

The Bling Ring stole so much from Bilson that they eventually sold thirty of her purses on the Venice Beach boardwalk for $50 each.

So, how did the Bling Ring get away with this? The teens would read gossip blogs and go on the celebrities’ social media pages to find out when and where their celebrity targets would be traveling. Then they’d walk right up to the front doors of the celebrities’ mansions, usually finding them unlocked or with keys under the doormat, and proceed to rob the place, focusing on their closets.

The Bling Ring was eventually busted by an array of surveillance videos exposing their faces, but by this point, the videos hardly mattered, as the Bling Ring’s bragging had seen to it that the police received numerous tip-offs. At the tail-end of 2009, the members of the Bling Ring were arrested one by one.

We wonder if Rachel Bilson will be seeing the movie this weekend.

-Kristina M. Dougherty, CWPhilly


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