Oliver Queen may have a lot of W’s in the win column after saving The Glades and all, but the huge loss of his best friend, Tommy Merlyn, may outweigh them all.

Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen, reveals fans of the CW hit should expect to see a “broken Arrow” when the show returns this fall.

“Oliver is not going to be in a good place,” he admits.

After having to say a gut wrenching goodbye to Tommy, who sacrificed his life to save Laurel (Katie Cassidy) as one stretch of The Glades cratered, Oliver suffered “a massive loss,” Amell says. “But hopefully, this will be the impetus for something greater.”

Amell hopes Tommy’s death may ultimately help birth the superhero Starling City deserves, as well as needs.

He explains, “There’s a reason why we don’t call [Oliver] Arrow ‘Green Arrow’ yet — because he’s not that person. He was a vengeful, stubborn, myopic individual this year, and he has to grow, because his way didn’t work. He had moments of success but ultimately failed, so he’s got to become a better version of himself.”

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-Kristina M. Dougherty. CWPhilly


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