Things are heating up for the men of the CW Philly! Stephen Amell (Arrow) confirms in a Facebook Q & A that he had a meeting to discuss playing Christian Grey in the much anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

But Amell warns fans to not get too excited yet. He says, “That project is a long way off. I know this, because I had a meeting about it. Long way off.”

Amell is not the only CW hunk rumored to be up for the coveted role. Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries has also been in discussions to play Mr. Grey.

Somerhalder says of the project, “There are so many young boys in Hollywood up for this role. I think they have a very big job ahead of them casting this role. I can’t say anything other than it’s a very interesting story, and whoever plays that role is going to have a lot of fun come rehearsal time.”

We don’t know who will ultimately get the role but we definitely support both of these choices!

-Kristina M. Dougherty, CWPhilly


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