PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Supernatural has brought in Battlestar Gallactica alumnus Ty Olsson to play a major recurring role this upcoming season.

According to TV Line,Olsson will play Benny, a vampire who helps Dean (Jensen Ackles) escape from Purgatory a year after Sam (Jared Padalecki) gave up on finding his brother.

Fans of the show may recognize Olson who actually played a different vampire – albeit very briefly – in the 2006 episode “Bloodlust.” In that episode, he played the part of Eli, a member of a pack of “good vampires” who fed on cow’s blood in an attempt to live low-key lives.

While Benny is expected to help Dean jump out of limbo, expect Benny to cause some problems, especially between Dean and Sam.

That said, despite what’s been said in the rumor mill, consulting producer Ben Edlund has made it clear that Benny is not the season’s “big bad” character. In fact, word is that there won’t be a big bad for the season but rather several villains making appearances throughout the season.

Season 8 of Supernatural returns on October 3 at 9/8 c only on the CW.


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