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One of the images that stuck with me after viewing the exciting new pilot Arrow was a simple fleeting image of an orange and black mask. The mask could only belong to one character from the DC universe. Deathstroke, the one-eyed mercenary and all around bad dude. At that point I knew that the DC universe expansion was in full effect on Arrow. Casting over the last few months further confirmed the expansion of the DC universe on the new CW series premiering October 10th.


deathstroke cvr Villains and Arrow



Actor Michael Rowe was cast as the assassin Deadshot who battles Green Arrow in the comics. The “never miss” villain and Suicide Squad member will show up in Starling City wearing the infamous red eye piece. Besides Deadshot and Deathstroke, China White will also threaten Starling City. Kelly Hu (X2 and The Scorpion King) was cast as the white-haired, south pacific drug cartel kingpin who Oliver Queen encounters while shipwrecked on the island he called his home for five years on the new series. All three characters can be portrayed as real human adversaries. Not one DC universe meta-human out of the three. Though technically Deathstroke did get his abilities enhanced at one point in the comics but we’ll that slide for now.


deadshot Villains and Arrow



If you have read my column “Heroes & Arrow” you will know I’m not opposed to the idea of having Oliver Queen face off against a super-powered antagonist. I think it could keep the story fresh and interesting but if the producers want to stick with the real world approach then I have a wish list of villains that would work on Arrow. We already know the villain Merlyn is waiting in the wings hiding under the name Tommy Merlyn. Tommy is Oliver’s best friend, for now. So who else can we expect? Here are a few ideas for villains who could wreak havoc in Starling City.


cupid Villains and Arrow


Cupid, whose real name is Carrie Cutter is an ex special ops soldier who has a few screws loose. She also has an obsessive crush on the Green Arrow. So what does she do to impress the hero she loves? She kills off some of the villains who have given Oliver Queen trouble to get his attention. This would make for an interesting triangle when Katie Cassidy eventually evolves into the Black Canary.


Black Mask

black mask Villains and Arrow


I know that Black Mask runs the criminal underworld in Gotham but who is to say he couldn’t expand his empire to Starling City. Black Mask is a foe of Batman who wears a mask resembling a skull sculpted from the ebony of his dead father’s coffin. Black Mask is not only a criminal mastermind but he has daddy issues as well. A screwed up childhood always makes for a great villain. Plus the sight of a man wearing a black skull mask dressed in a ten thousand dollar suit would be so cool on Arrow. Here’s hoping Black Mask’s next evil plan involves Starling City.


Harley Quinn

harley Villains and Arrow


 Sticking with the Gotham theme, I would expect fan boys head’s to explode if the Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn made an appearance on Arrow. I know we  had a version of Harley on the small screen before in the ill-fated series Birds of Prey but everyone deserves a second chance. Just the idea that the Joker exists in the Arrow universe would create buzz for the show even if the clown prince never showed his white face. Who knows? If the producers decided to add Harley Quinn to the story line it could open the door for her best friend Poison Ivy to sprout up down the road.


No matter whom the creators decide to add to the story we know we will have at least four familiar villains from the DC Universe for Oliver Queen to battle. If you have any other villain ideas for the new series Arrow on The CW send them to me on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato or on Facebook. Also check out my “Heroes & Arrow” which is my wish list for heroes to aid Oliver Queen as he cleans up crime in Starling Center.


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