As Disney’s Sebastian once said, er, sang, ‘The seaweed is always greener/in somebody else’s lake…’

But when the weather’s this hot…well, it’s looking pretty green in any lake. And if you’re not lucky enough to be immersed in said lake, a cool pool or the ocean for the majority of the next 72 hours, here’s the next best thing: Camden’s Adventure Aquarium.

There’s water. There’s AC. It’s kind of dark. And of course, there are tons of sea creatures—from seals and sharks to penguins and hippos. And to help you explore all of them, there’s SpotDash.

Download SpotDash, the CBS mobile app that’s a mix of quiz game, tour guide and scavenger hunt, available in the App Store or Android Market. Select the Adventure Aquarium adventure, and you’ll be taken on a journey through the Aquarium’s best exhibits.

Want to touch sharks and stingrays? Do it at Spots #2 and #3. Or get up close and personal with Africa’s most dangerous animal? Get ready for Spot #6!

And if you’re feeling really brave (must be the heat!), there’s Spot #7, where you’ll be surrounded by huge sharks on all four sides—and get out alive!

And you can’t say that about the ocean.

Website | App Store | Google Play


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